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New street art appears in Moulton and Spalding

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The district is beginning to see new pieces of street art popping up at different locations as we take ‘small steps’ towards allowing artists to express themselves.

The new artwork comes less than two months after South Holland District Council’s cabinet narrowly voted in favour of a policy to allow street art in the area.

A celebratory piece to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee appeared in Moulton while another piece marking the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 has been created on the side of a business on Winsover Road.

Street art on Short Street, Spalding (57188042)
Street art on Short Street, Spalding (57188042)

The striking image of The Queen in Moulton was created by Karl Barfoot (street artist name HONR), who worked with fellow artist Adam Sadd on a petition to bring more of the work to the district, as a commission by the village’s Jubilee Committee.

He said: “It was really nice to do it for the community - that’s what we want to do. It’s also amazing that people of all ages are seeing it and enjoying it.

“It is nice seeing bits pop up but they need to suit the area.

“You’ve got to do what’s to everyone’s taste and I think if there’s too much of it it will be too much and even a little bit tacky.

“The point of the policy is that people can’t just slap anything up anywhere they like and I think we need to make sure that it’s the right subjects and ideas for the area.

“If we have the legal wall, that would be constantly changing because people can just go and do whatever they want on it.

Moulton's Jubilee street art by Karl Barfoot with Moulton Mill in the background (57174321)
Moulton's Jubilee street art by Karl Barfoot with Moulton Mill in the background (57174321)

“It would always change - almost with whatever is happening in the world at the time.”

While neither of the new additions were agreed as part of the policy, councillors are keeping an eye on what is appearing.

Coun Gary Taylor, whose portfolio (communities and facilities) covers the street art policy, says that he doesn’t want street art to ‘become a negative’.

He said: “I need some more background on the piece on what was Brennan’s but I do think we need to very careful on political messages within the street art. As a one off maybe that’s fine but any political message does become a bit of a concern.

“We don’t want this to get out of control and become a negative, especially after Karl and Adam did such an excellent job with their petition, which they have seen through to the end. They are seriously committed to this.

“If you take the piece Karl created in Moulton, it’s positive, uplifting and relevant to the area. We want to do something similar at the Castle with imagery of sports or tulips, something which is a reflection on the area.

Coun Paul Redgate, chairman of the district council, who led a task group of councillors to develop the street art policy, says the recent additions were agreed before the policy was put in place.

Adding: “I have no issues with any street art as long as it is in keeping with the policy.”

However, the district council is working to install boards at Spalding’s Castle Sports site which will be used for proposed test pieces.

Karl added: “We have some ideas of what we want to do with the boards at the Castle.

“I think it’s still a cast of taking small steps in the right direction which is the main thing."

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