New speed signs for Donington

Library picture: Donington news.
Library picture: Donington news.
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Donington councillors are considering spending £1,693 on a reactive sign to help enforce 30mph speed limits in the village.

Members agreed if a sign is bought through the Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership, it can only happen next year if there is enough money in the budget.

Meanwhile the council is content to put up half-a-dozen plastic signs, which are free of charge, reminding drivers of the 30mph limits.

Gosberton already has a reactive sign, which is moved to different spots, and there are two static, reactive signs in Quadring – which would leave Donington as the last village along the A152 to act.

Donington councillor Phil Lovell was unhappy with the proposed charge.

He said: “Personally, I think it’s a lot of money for doing a job that the police should be doing.

“If there is a 30mph limit, enforce it.”

• The reactive signs display the speed that motorists are travelling and collect data. During March, the first month of operating, nearly 34,000 drivers were travelling at 35mph or faster in Gosberton.