New Spalding group to combat the loneliness of bringing up a baby

Keira Williamson and daughter Esther.
Keira Williamson and daughter Esther.
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Spalding mum and hypnobirthing teacher Keira Williamson is reaching out to families as she creates a video to combat the loneliness of bringing a baby into this world.

Keira (24) says: “It takes a village to bring up a baby but most mums tend to feel isolated and our village has been replaced by four walls and a mobile phone.”

Mums, dads and health professionals like midwives and doulas (someone who supports a family through pregnancy, birth and early weeks with a baby) are all invited to get involved in the video to highlight the importance of community for a new mum and her family.

Keira has set up a group and their next meeting is at 1pm on Tuesday (November 14) at the Castle Cafe and Bar in Spalding.

Anyone interested in going along can call Keira on 07415 374095.

Keira has taught hypnobirthing for the last 18 months at Spalding’s Padma Yoga Studio, in Broad Street, having learned the self-hypnosis techniques prior to giving birth to Esther, now two.

She said: “I used hypnotherapy myself. It was a beautiful experience and then, very quickly after that, I did the training myself. I had to share the knowledge with everybody. It’s not just about the birth itself, it’s how you feel afterwards, and then you are off to a good start.”

Keira has also trained to be a birth and post-natal doula and her new group and video project are part of her course work.

As well as working with Padma Yoga, Keira works with The Village Midwives and Evron Doherty, from the National Childbirth Trust in Spalding.

Follow Keira by searching for ‘mindfulmammaspalding’ on Facebook.

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