New site for village running out of space to bury dead

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A village running out of space to bury its dead is negotiating to buy more land.

Sutton Bridge Parish Council discussed its plan for a new cemetery behind closed doors last week.

The council will not say precisely which site it is trying to buy, but parish council chairman John Grimwood revealed to the Lincolnshire Free Press that it is a field beside the main road.

He said the council still has work to do before it can be brought into use.

Coun Grimwood said the land is not as close to the village centre as the parish council would have liked, but it had to start looking again after Scott’s Miracle-Gro decided the cemetery could not go on its land.

Parish council clerk Suzanne England said councillors resolved on what they believe would be an appropriate sum for purchase of the land, subject to trials, testing, investigation into wayleave rights and drainage issues.

She said there will be further meetings to “investigate the best way forward concerning acquisition of the land”.

At April’s annual parish meeting there were calls for the parish council to find a new cemetery quickly.

At that time there were just 20 plots left in the cemetery at St Matthew’s churchyard.

Resident Chris Morley said: “Can we push this on a bit quicker?”