New signs are for flood evacuation

New 'out ER' signs
New 'out ER' signs
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Have you wondered what the new, red “ER” signs that have sprung up on south Lincolnshire’s roads mean?

Well, they mean “flood evacuation route” and have been prompted by the 2013 floods, with the aim of leading motorists to safety should the need arise.

Lincolnshire County Council’s emergency planners have been working with highways and emergency services to identify roads which would best support motorists if people needed to evacuate their homes.

The council has now alteredits signage at junctions – adding an ‘ER‘ logo in a red box to highlight the emergency evacuation routes.

The signage cost £105,000 and has been funded by the county council, East Lindsey District Council and the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

The routes run along the east coast and to the south of the county which the authority says would provideresidents with a quick and safe route to higher-ground.

The flood evacuation routes in our part of the county are signed as follows:

lFrom Sutterton/Fosdyke via the A17, the B1181 then the A52 towards Grantham

lFrom Spalding via the A16 to the A1157

lFrom Spalding via the A151 towards Bourne

lFrom Long Sutton/Sutton Bridge via the A17 and the A151

For more information about flooding visit: