New service offering weight loss and health advice

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Individuals, business and groups can get health and weight loss advice and support for themselves, employees and members via a new Lincolnshire service.

The Healthy Living Team at Lincolnshire Community and Voluntary Service (LCVS) has been created to continue and build upon the work done by the LCVS health trainer service.

Jan Gould-Martin, LCVS senior health and social care officer, said: “We were determined not to see the expertise and professionalism of the service lost and have therefore created this new-look team to deliver something we know is greatly needed in Lincolnshire.

“The record of LCVS health trainers speaks for itself – we know the service makes a real difference to people and helps improve and even prolong lives.

“This new service provides an opportunity for people to keep benefiting from the reputable and reliable advice and support of this team.”

The Healthy Living Team is manned by qualified health trainers from the former LCVS health trainer team.

With increasing pressure on budgets, funding for the team was withdrawn by Lincolnshire County Council Public Health in April of this year, meaning the service can no longer be provided free. However the team aims to empower and enable clients to establish their own health routines and address their own hurdles to health in as few sessions and at as little cost as possible.

Unavoidably, five health trainers left LCVS as a result of the budget cuts in a mix of voluntary and compulsory redundancy.

In 2014/15 Lincolnshire Community and Voluntary Service health trainers helped 582 clients through a six-eight week personal health plan helping them to achieve personal fitness, weight loss and health improvement goals.

The Healthy Living Team, including qualified health trainers, is offering:

• One-to-one support to individuals to identify and address the hurdles to improving their own health.

This will include a one-to-one consultation with a qualified health trainer followed by as many individually tailored one-to-one sessions as a client requires. Sessions could focus on meal planning, weight loss, smoking cessation, identifying and beginning exercise that is appropriate for the individual. The initial consultation is free.

• Small group education short courses (beginning this month) – offering all the support available in one-to-one sessions but in a small group setting.

Courses may include in-depth information on: diet and exercise, weight loss, reducing the risk or addressing issues related with type two diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure or heart disease.

• Remote one-to-one health support – for those who struggle to get out of the house, commit to appointments or just prefer to communicate via text, email or phone.

The LCVS Healthy Living Team provides a totally flexible one-to-one health support service whereby all communication can take place through those means.

The service is just as with face-to-face one-to-one support (detailed above) but comes at a reduced cost and is delivered via email, text and/or phone.

• Workplace health packages - Healthy, happy staff are good for business. The LCVS Healthy Living Team offers employers opportunities to support staff to better health and be proactive in reducing the risk of absenteeism via individually tailored packages. Packages can include individual health MOTs for employees, group sessions, talks and signposting services.

• Guest speakers – LCVS Healthy Living Team is happy to take guest speaker bookings to talk to groups about real, sensible lifestyle changes they can make to live a healthier lifestyle and what’s on offer in Lincolnshire.

• Assistance with community health campaigns – for private or public service providers who need to deliver a specific health campaign or message LCVS Healthy Living Team, with a long and proven track record of working to specific criteria, delivering to performance indicators and achieving real, measurable results can help.

One-to-one sessions can cost as little as £20 each for up to one hour, with remote support available at £6 per month. Other services are tailored and costs are available following discussion.

The team is also committed to continuing to deliver the projects the former LCVS health trainer team had been commissioned for.

They include Keep Active With Dementia courses in South Holland and South Kesteven and Arts for Dementia in South Kesteven, supported by Lincolnshire’s Dementia Support Fund.

For more information on the Healthy Living Team at LCVS, visit , email or contact LCVS head office on 01205 510888.