New research could help our nuclear vets

Doug Hern with an image of a nuclear test.
Doug Hern with an image of a nuclear test.
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New research by Brunel University in London could help British nuclear tests veterans and their descendants, according to leading campaigner and test veteran Doug Hern.

Money was made available for the research by the Government allocating cash from the Libor Fund, made up of the proceeds from fines handed to banks for manipulating the Libor inter-bank lending rate.

The research will focus on the translocation of genes – an abnormality in genetic make-up and look at whether that abnormality was triggered by nuclear tests.

Doug said: “It’s not just the veterans who were affected by the tests, we have got great grandchildren who are affected.”

He and wife Sandie, who live in Moulton, are at the forefront of campaigning for British nuclear test veterans through the British Nuclear Test Veterans Association and for the wider nuclear community.

Research is also being conducted at the University of Southampton.

Doug said funding for the studies was made possible by the efforts of South Holland and the Deepings MP John Hayes, who gave advice to former prime minister David Cameron.

The campaigner says it’s likely veterans were exposed to three types of radiation.