New reactive speed sign on approach to Gosberton Clough and Risegate Primary School

School railings were demolished in a crash in May. SG160617-114TW
School railings were demolished in a crash in May. SG160617-114TW
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Gosberton Parish Council is poised to install an interactive, flashing speed sign in a bid to slow speeding traffic approaching Clough and Risegate Primary School.

Planning began before two recent crashes on Clough Road. One involved a second-time drink-driver, who mangled and uprooted the school railings, and the second saw a vehicle shoot off the road into a potato field.

Coun Rowland Perry said the sign will go on the Dowsby side of the school, and will pick up drivers “way down the road and start flashing at them.”

The council is already using speed indicator devices (SIDs) in High Street, Gosberton, and they record the speed of traffic.

Coun Perry told last week’s parish council meeting that the signs have slowed the majority of vehicles but they still get the occasional “boy racer”.

The council is ordering non-reactive, 40mph signs for Risegate Road after a resident complained about “feeling unsafe walking along the footpath” because so many vehicles exceed the speed limit.

County councillor Rodney Grocock, who represents Donington Rural, told members he felt sorry for all the parish councils trying to tackle speeding.

He said: “Everybody is complaining about speeding. It’s happening in every village in Lincolnshire every day and I don’t know what the answer is.”

• The parish council accepted South Holland District Council’s offer to mow grass areas, including verges, previously cut by the county council.

The charge is £338.94 for seven cuts a year.

Parish councillor Lindsay Allen said: “Everything is looking an absolute mess.”

She said pollen must be a nightmare for hay fever sufferers, drivers are finding their views obscured and unkempt grass areas aren’t encouraging young people to keep the village tidy.

The county council pulled the plug on most of its grass cutting to save cash and Coun Grock explained the authority was “in a terrible mess money-wise”.

• The parish council wants to install a new notice board near the Black Horse on Siltside, Gosberton Risegate, and is investigating costs and potential funding.

• The county council will be asked to repair the uneven road surface at Siltside, where tree roots are said to be pushing through the tarmac and there’s a problem with potholes.

• The parish council agreed to pay a total of £463 (excluding VAT) so Wicksteed Leisure can repair play equipment in its Gosberton and Gosberton Risegate parks.

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