New pupil statistics is proof of The Deepings School’s ‘rapid improvement’, says head

Richard Lord, head teacher of The Deepings School, believes that the exam results for 2017's GCSE and A-Level students is a sign of the school's 'rapid improvement' over a 12-month period. Photo by Tim Wilson. SG220916-127TW.

The head of The Deepings School has welcomed the latest GCSE and A-Level performance figures as proof of its “rapid improvement”.

Head teacher Richard Lord said he was “very pleased” with the secondary education results published by the Department for Education (DfE) which put The Deepings School in Lincolnshire’s top ten for average A-Level results in 2017.

The overall progress figure, which compares last year’s A-Level students against the average progress made by all students nationally, put the school just ahead of Bourne Academy but behind University Academy Holbeach.

At GCSE level, The Deepings School was ranked 35th in Lincolnshire, just one place behind Bourne Grammar School.

Mr Lord said: “This set of results confirms the rapid improvement that has taken place at the Deepings School since September 2016.

“The number of students securing combined 9–4 grade GCSE passes in English and maths was amongst the largest gains locally as last year’s students scored 60.5 per cent, a significant increase from 44.7 per cent the previous year.

This set of results confirms the rapid improvement that has taken place at the Deepings School since September 2016

Richard Lord, head teacher, The Deepings School

“The improvement in the progress that students made during their time at the Deepings was even more impressive as our Progress 8 measure of +0.44 put us in the top six per cent of English schools.

“This measure of the enhanced performance of students was also mirrored in the Sixth Form where the value added measure

rose to +0.08.

“Together, the combined improvements of these three key performance measures show that students at the Deepings School are once again performing in line with some of the highest performing local schools.

“My congratulations have to go to the students for their hard work and efforts, as well as to the staff who supported them

so effectively in preparing for their exams.”

Mr Lord pointed out that senior staff “only had five half-terms” to work with last year’s exam students and staff to

bring about these improvements.

He added: “It is our hope and expectation that, due to the sustainable strategies employed and the investment of improving the quality of staffing in the core subjects, results will continue to show an upward trajectory.

“However, whilst examination outcomes are vital for our students and our school community, they are really only the culmination of the many aspects of a successful school working together.

“Improvements in attendance, a positive climate for learning and consistently good teaching all contributed to last

summer’s notable gains.

“We look forward to continuing to strive for the very best for all of our students and for the Deepings community that we serve.”

Meanwhile, Laurence Reilly, eexecutive head teacher of Bourne Academy ranked 11th in Lincolnshire for average progess at A-Level and 26th at GCSE, said: “Last year was another successful one, with 66 per cent of Year 11 students achieving the new grade 4 (equivalent to the previous C grade) in both English and maths, the highest in Lincolnshire for a non-selective, co-educational school.

“This was backed up in the sixth form, with a third of all grades being either an A at A Level or a Distinction* (the highest possible result) at BTEC Level 3.”

Bourne Grammar School was ranked seventh for A-Level progress, but only 34th for GCSE results under the Progress 8 measure which Richard Lord Jonathan Maddox blamed on the school’s use of the International GCSE qualification.

Mr Maddox said: “The school featured impressively in the 2017 DfE Performance Tables, those relating to the 2016

GCSE results.

£In particular, our Progress 8 measure was the best in the area which was impressive, given that our students join the school with high levels of expected performance at GCSE.

“Also impressive was our figure for students’ achievement in the English Baccalaureate measure where, again, our data was impressive when compared with other local schools.

“Unfortunately, our students’ success was not recognised in the 2017 DfE tables due to an odd technical issue that will

impact on our reported performance in these tables for this year only.

“The difficulty arises because the summer 2017 English literature qualification for which our students were examined was, for very good reasons, the International GCSE qualification.

“The IGCSE has not been included by the DfE in the calculation of the published key performance data but it was included in these official data for the previous years’ sets of official published data.

“So the official DfE Performance Data for our school does not fairly represent our students’ excellent results.”

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