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Walk-in showers are big news.
Walk-in showers are big news.
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Bad news if you love to wallow in the bath. The long soak is giving way to something more invigorating and modern.

The long soak is giving way to something more invigorating and modern.

According to a national forecaster of current trends in the home, people are having their baths ripped out to make way for extra-large luxury showers.

These luxury showers frequently incorporate really large shower heads for the ultimate in power shower, or even multiple heads to give an overall body energizing sensation.

In some cases, people are including built-in seating into the design, and for the ultimate in design style this could be something as unusual as a large rock.

However, we can see that might encourage sitting around in the shower for rather a long time and over-use of water – and while it’s lovely to get carried away with style ideas, it is also important to keep running costs – and the environment – in mind too.

Luxury showers can be contained in cubicles, but there is no doubt that walk-in showers create an enormous impact in the bathroom.

They are also practical for people with mobility problems, who would struggle to get in and out of a bath or even step into a shower cubicle.

A walk-in shower also gives the option of using tiles and lighting to create a really stunning space.

Decoration ultimately comes down to personal taste, but earth tones and textured tiles would be perfect for a man’s bathroom, while women might like to add a pretty chandelier and white or pearly opalescent tiles.

Alternatively, go bold and add strong colours to your bathroom, co-ordinating bath towels into the colour scheme, naturally.

Why not go and have a long soak to think about it?