New Labour leader ‘could have changed outcome for South Holland MP’

Matthew Mahabadi
Matthew Mahabadi
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The outcome of the vote for South Holland and the Deepings MP could well have been different if Labour’s new leader Jeremy Corbyn had been fighting the General Election to become Prime Minister.

That is the opinion of Matthew Mahabadi, who stood for Labour in May in the bid to topple Conservative MP John Hayes from his seat.

Mr Mahabadi described Mr Corbyn as straight-talking and honest, but admitted he had been his fourth choice after Yvette Cooper, Andy Burnham and Liz Kendall.

He said: “Despite my concern about his wavering on the EU, I believe Jeremy is a straight-talking, honest and principled guy and I do think his ideas will resonate well with a huge section of the electorate seeking authenticity in politics and sick of Tory spin.

“For the people of South Holland, his decisive anti-austerity message would make a real difference to the lives of those hard-up working families who cannot make ends meet whilst the poverty-denier Austerity Chancellor has been running down public services.

“As an MP candidate, I think Jeremy would have made a hell of a difference. I cannot give a comparison on a policy by policy basis as you might as well compare apples and pears, but I can say that from a personality perspective I think Jeremy would have resonated 100 times better with voters, for he comes across strongly as an authentic, unspun and impassioned individual.

“Specifically in terms of charisma, charm and audacity, I feel he could very well be Labour’s own Farage.”

However, some readers are not so convinced. Nigel Campbell said: “Simple fact: tax the rich too much and you lose tax revenue as they can afford to leave for a country with lower taxes. Some of his ideas are good, but unworkable. I think the country is too far gone for anything to work.”