NEW FEATURE: It’s A Vet’s Life...

Vet Viorel Saman with a giant rabbit.
Vet Viorel Saman with a giant rabbit.
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We are launching a new weekly Agony Vet column. We know our readers love their pets but can’t always afford the time or expense of a trip there.

So the staff at Vet Savers in St Thomas Road have offered to answer some of your questions.

Meet the team

Vetsavers team

Vetsavers team

My name is Suzhy Winfield and I am a registered veterinary nurse. I spend 85 per cent of my life working along side Viorel Saman who is our permanent vet here, like me, registered with the RCVS in London

We have a lovely receptionist called Annie Farthers, who is a local lady with a huge amount of knowledge in the smaller breed dogs. She is an accomplished exhibitor of Oakajem Chihuahuas and a judge of this breed also so feel free to email Annie too.

Our days are long and hard work but, as a PDSA pet aid veterinary surgery, we always strive to offer good service at affordable prices. Now we are really looking foward to answering readers’ questions through our ‘Agony Vet’ . We will answer them as best we can with the experience and knowledge we have within the team.


We had a lady ring today to ask how she can stop her 14-week-old puppy from crying and scratching the door all night.

Vet Savers team tip

If you have a puppy that does this it can be corrected by simply training it.

Our advice would always be to crate train a puppy – there are different views on this but we feel its the best route.

FIRST RULE: Don’t take your puppy to your bed with you because you feel sorry for them!

When you bring your new puppy home they will be full of excitement with all the fuss and cuddles they will be getting. You are the puppy’s new pack and they will love to interact with the family BUT they will also need their sleep and a safe place.

We recommend that you get a dog crate from a reputable pet shop that is the correct size for the puppy when fully grown and make it their bed for the night, with comfy bedding, toys and water – things that the puppy will become familiar with.

The crate should also be the place they receive their bedtime treat. This way the crate becomes a ‘good’ place to be.

So, you have played with your new addition all day, they are fed and watered and now its time for bed. Place them in the crate, give them their treat, turn the light in the room off and close the door

When they start to cry, and they will, DO NOT GO BACK TO THEM!

If you do, this will simply mean that when you leave the room again they will cry again and the cycle will go on and on for a lot longer than it needs to.

Usually, within seven to ten days the crying will stop and everyone’s happy.... including your new addition

Hint: Try to keep your puppy up a little later each night playing. They will sleep longer through the night.

Send your pet questions to and we will pass them on to Vetsavers.