Nearly 34,000 drivers caught speeding in Gosberton in March

Gosberton Academy got its school crossing patrol last September as a safety step. SG200916-202TW
Gosberton Academy got its school crossing patrol last September as a safety step. SG200916-202TW
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Speeding drivers continue to menace Gosberton High Street with more than 100 drivers recorded at double the 30mph limit or more in a four-week spell.

Parish councillors and residents have been calling for action to put the brakes on pedal to the metal drivers and now they have the first hard evidence from a speed recording device that shows thousands of drivers flout the law.

Some 81,737 vehicles drove through the narrow High Street during the four weeks in March and a staggering 33,918 of those were travelling at 35mph or faster – three were recorded at 80mph, but parish councillors believe they may have been blue light, emergency services vehicles.

The built-up road has a primary school, a children’s nursery, a park, busy shops and homes with many front doors opening straight onto the pavement.

Parish council chairman Tim Smith told the annual parish meeting on Monday that he hopes the evidence will prompt action by Lincolnshire County Council.

The council has placed 30mph “passive speed road signs” on lampposts along High Street and bought an interactive speed awareness sign, which can be sited at a number of spots, and that sign records the speed of passing traffic.

Coun Smith revealed PCSO Colin Abbotts had conducted speed traps with hand-held radar but only around two per cent of drivers were found exceeding the 30mph limit.

Coun Smith said: “It was acknowledged that generally vehicles slow down when radar traps are used.”

Parish councillors and residents, backed by MP John Hayes, managed to get a school crossing patrol appointed for Gosberton Primary Academy last September but were told by the county council there was no money for a pedestrian crossing and there was no action on two T-junctions considered to be dangerous.