Near misses on zebra crossing spark fresh calls for speed clampdown in Sutton Bridge

Sutton Bridge news.  Photo by Tim Wilson.
Sutton Bridge news. Photo by Tim Wilson.
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Two incidents where people were nearly hit by cars on a zebra crossing have prompted fresh calls for a clampdown on speeding in Bridge Road at Sutton Bridge.

PCSO Fylippa Bennett said cars are going so fast when they get to the crossing that pedestrians aren’t getting their numbers because they’re too busy “thinking about their own safety and keeping their kids back”.

She said: “We have had a couple of near misses in the last week.”

PCSO Bennett said one lady had asked if the crossing could become light-controlled, but Coun Chris Brewis doubted the county council would agree because of the cost.

He said: “A few years ago to change a crossing to a light-controlled one cost about £72,000. It’s very, very expensive.”

The parish council decided to ask Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership to do a covert Archer survey to assess the full extent of speeding on Bridge Road, where 30mph reminder signs have already been put up.

Councillors hope a survey will prove the need to have police enforcement in the village with a speed detection van.

Bridge Road is the main street through the village and councillors have already asked for a school safety zone to be created at the spot where a footpath leads to Westmere Primary School, but so far the county council hasn’t acted.

District councillors Michael Booth and Chris Brewis are offering cash from their ward budgets to buy handheld ‘speed guns’ for volunteers when Community Speedwatch steps up its fight against speeding next spring.

Sutton Bridge is also suffering ‘boy racer’ vehicle nuisance, with wheelspins and doughnuts being pulled in the Memorial Field car park at nights.

PCSO Bennett said the people involved may be the same ones causing nuisance at Tydd St Mary and Holbeach, and urged residents to call police when they see or hear anything.

The parish council is already developing a plan to install bollards or something similar to prevent car drivers causing a nuisance in the parking area to the side of the Curlew Centre at nights.

Councillors are asking the police to stop HGVs parking on double yellows on West Bank and in Lime Street because they say they are blocking access for emergency vehicles.

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