Near miss for Mylo in fish hook ‘trauma’

Megan Burton with pet dog Mylo who swallowed a fishing hook with food on it.
Megan Burton with pet dog Mylo who swallowed a fishing hook with food on it.
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A Sutton Bridge hair stylist is warning dog owners to watch over their pets after her six-month old puppy swallowed a fishing hook while out on a “night time walk.”

Patterdale Terrier Mylo narrowly escaped serious injury after swallowing the hook when being taken for a walk by owner Megan Burton in West Street, Long Sutton last Tuesday.

The dog was left with a neck scar after undergoing emergency surgery by vets when Megan spotted Mylo “frothing from the mouth” after he was drawn to food stuck on the end of the hook.

Megan (21), part-owner of Bella Capelli Hair Salon in Sutton Bridge, said: “I took Mylo for a little night time walk around Long Sutton town centre when he put something in his mouth without me knowing it.

“We carried on walking and it looked like something was annoying Mylo, so I stopped and tried to pull the object out of his mouth.

“I could feel some resistance and when my partner came to pick us up, he realised Mylo had swallowed a fishing hook with a piece of food on a string.

“We took Mylo to the vets because he was frothing from the mouth and struggling for breath.”

Experts at Terrington Veterinary Centre in Terrington St Clements operated on Mylo after x-rays showed the hook stuck in his throat.

Megan said: “The hook pierced Mylo’s throat and the vets said we were lucky that nothing else happened to him.

“He had to stay in overnight for observation, but the neck scar is healing although we can’t give him his normal treats because they are hard for him to swallow.

“I think it’s disgusting that someone could do this to an innocent dog and I just want to make the community aware that this is happening.”