Nature reserve in Spalding

Snowdrops in Arnold's Meadow nature reserve at Spalding.
Snowdrops in Arnold's Meadow nature reserve at Spalding.
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If you go down to the woods today you’re sure... to need your wellington boots!

At least you will if it’s the woodland in the Arnold Smith Memorial Reserve in Pecks Drove, Spalding, popularly known as Arnold’s Meadow.

Regular walkers along the Coronation Channel will have noticed that a lot more water is visible inside the six-acre reserve, and voluntary reserve manager Keith Seaton can explain why.

He says the main pond was dredged in the autumn, the first time in ten or 12 years, because it had become clogged with reedmace, commonly known as bullrushes.

That has opened up the view to the pond, split in two by a mud spit and now clear of reeds again.

Although Keith says they haven’t spotted spring birds back yet, volunteers and visitors do see woodpeckers, sparrowhawks and kestrels.

He added: “There is quite a lot of wildlife about. The snowdrops are just about over but the primroses are about, so there are signs of spring and the buds are coming on the trees.

“It’s a pleasant time of year to visit but because of the dredging the footpath is very muddy, so it’s a welly job!”

The reserve, established over 40 years ago, is open to the public at all times and is free to enter.