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Wildlife bounces back on the farm

Last time I wrote, we were about to tag the barn owls that had been born on the farm. This was after the dreadful weather we had in June and subsequently the numbers of young owls had halved as their parents were not able to hunt to support their growth.

Fast forward to mid-September and they had all had a second brood. With the weather onside we had up to five young in a box which was a record for the farm. Elsewhere in south Lincolnshire there were reports of between six to eight young owls per box which just shows how nature rights itself if the conditions are right.

It’s also been an exciting time within the business with sister company QV Foods re-branding to AH Worth, bringing it back to its family roots and recognising the company's long and stable history, spanning over a century. Arthur Hovenden Worth arrived in Holbeach Marsh in 1895, pioneering our farming enterprise which remains the centre of the operations today. Our new website (www.ahworth.co.uk) showcases the operation and history which we are proud to be a part of.

The farm had a record five owls. (19560675)
The farm had a record five owls. (19560675)

On the farm, harvest continues with the potatoes and leeks at the moment. The wet weather is making things a lot harder for us but the great efforts of the whole team are ensuring we are getting the crop out of the fields as well as we can in these challenging conditions.

Simon Day

Farms Director Worth Farms

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