‘Name and shame’ untrustworthy

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POLICE are calling on communities to name and shame those who “can’t be trusted” when it comes to anti-social drinking.

Insp Paul Timmins is encouraging residents to do their part towards tackling problems, as Sutton Bridge Parish Council considers a drinking ban as a potential way forward for the village.

Councillors are looking into what action they can take after a number of residents raised concerns about drinking on the streets and in local parks.

Last week, councillors voted in favour of exploring what byelaws could be adopted to ban drinking alcohol within the 30mph limits of the village, except within the curtilage area of licensed premises.

Insp Timmins said: “We will enforce any byelaw and it would complement existing powers we have in relation to alcohol related anti-social behaviour.

“However, it still needs to be a common sense approach to policing problems like this. Have we got to the stage where elements of a local population cannot be trusted to consume alcohol in a sensible manner? Do alcohol-selling agents take their responsibilities seriously?

“These questions are being addressed through enforcement and test-purchasing operations and will continue regardless of whether the Sutton Bridge Parish Council is successful in applying for a byelaw.

“We encourage local communities to name and shame individuals who cannot be trusted. We will work alongside Sutton Bridge Parish Council to help resolve issues that exist in Sutton Bridge.”