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South Lincolnshire Jerry Green Rescue is hoping to find a home for beautiful Nala

Here’s Nala picking out a new blanket from our donated items.

We can’t believe this gorgeous girl is still looking for a home!

Nala is looking for an adult only home with no other pets.


She has tons of energy and loves to play and do zoomies in the garden.

She would benefit from a home with a large and secure garden as she cannot be let off her lead when out on a walk.

If you like the look of this loveable fluff ball please contact the team on 01205 260546 or email slincs@jerrygreendogs.org.uk

Can you help us to keep our dogs warm?

With the night’s drawing in and the weather getting colder, we are appealing for cosy bedding for our dogs.

We like to make our dogs stay with us is as comfortable as possible so we use lots of snuggly and warm blankets in their kennels.

If you have any cosy blankets, sheets or towels that you no longer use we would appreciate it if you could donate them to us.

To ensure we are following social distancing guidelines, please can all donations be dropped off at the centre’s main gate.

Unfortunately, we can’t take duvets, pillows or cushions at this time due to a lack of storage space.

Training tip: "This way" - teaching dogs to u-turn

Teaching a dog to walk the opposite way on cue is useful for a number of reasons, from simply changing direction on a walk to creating space between a dog and other dogs, people or other things in the environment we might want to move away from.

To start your practise you will need some treats that are easily visible if dropped on the floor and an open space that’s big enough to turn around in.


Step one: To start your dog can be on or off lead, but should be focusing on you. If they are a little distracted, you can always feed a few treats to get them looking at you first.

With your dog focusing on you say “this way” and toss a treat low to the floor in the opposite direction to where they are facing. Let them eat the treat and repeat, always tossing the treat in the opposite direction. Repeat at least 10 times in each direction before moving onto the next step.

Step two: Say “this way” and this time quickly turn to walk in the opposite direction before tossing a treat low to the floor as you go. Take several steps in the same direction and then practise in the opposite direction. Repeat at least 10 times in each direction before moving onto the next step.

Step three: Say “this way” and quickly turn to walk in the opposite direction, if your dog follows use your marker word (e.g. “yes”) and reward with a treat – this can be thrown onto the floor or given from your hand at this point.

Make sure during this step the treat only comes after your dog has turned in the opposite direction and you’ve used your marker word. If your dog doesn’t respond do not pull them with you, simply stop and return to the previous step.

This step will need lots of practise before you can make it more difficult, so practise until your dog can do it 90% of the time before moving into a new environment.

Additional tip

· Start your practise in low distraction environments such as in the home or garden initially and ensure your dog can perform step 1-3 before moving your practise to a different place.Move your practise to increasingly distracting places like the driveway.

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