Naked Spalding man drowned in River Welland

The River Welland at Wykeham the day after Robertas Klipo lost his life. SG060217-100TW
The River Welland at Wykeham the day after Robertas Klipo lost his life. SG060217-100TW
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A naked man drowned in the River Welland on the outskirts of Spalding hours after arguing with his partner and walking out, an inquest heard.

Robertas Klipo (29) appeared to be trying to climb up the muddy riverbank when he was spotted by dog walkers on the morning of February 5, but he was later found face down in the water and a post mortem examination revealed he drowned.

Nothing was uncovered in that examination to suggest any third party involvement in his death.

A report from a toxicology expert said Robertas was under the influence of cannabis when he died, with a TCH (tetrahydrocannabinol) reading of 5ng-ml when 2ng-ml is “the limit where it doesn’t impact on your system”.

Paul Cooper, the senior coroner for South Lincolnshire, said there was no evidence to say Robertas had intended to commit suicide.

Mr Cooper said: “How he got into the river we just don’t know, so the only verdict I can safely record is one of misadventure.”

No members of the Lithuanian’s family attended Tuesday’s inquest in Boston and his partner, Oksana Oklovaite, was also absent.

Robertas and Oksana lived in Victoria Street, Spalding, with their four-month-old daughter.

Mr Cooper read a statement from Oksana, who said she had been in a relationship with Robertas for just over two years.

Oksana claimed Robertas suffered from schizophrenia, although he took no medication for it, but a report from his GP did not confirm that he had any kind of mental health condition.

In her statement, Oksana said Robertas became depressed on occasions.

She said Robertas was threatening suicide the previous week and she had been forced to “remove sharp items from his proximity”.

Oksana’s statement revealed the couple had an argument around midday on February 4 and Robertas left the address, taking with him a large black coat and other belongings.

Mr Cooper said: “He left no note and that was the last time she saw him.

“She says the only reason he would have harmed himself was due to an altered state of mind.”

At about 7.50am the next day, John Blythe and his wife Jane left home to walk their dogs on the Spalding Marsh riverbank in the area known as Wykeham.

It was so foggy at first that they couldn’t see the bank on the opposite side of the river but, after 20 minutes or so, as they were walking back to their car the couple saw Robertas lying naked in the mud on the far side of the water.

In a statement, Mr Blythe said it looked like Robertas was “trying to force his way up the bank, like he was trying to climb”.

He said there was a deep cry or maybe a word but he couldn’t make it out properly.

Emergency services were called.