My heart broke but I’d do it again

Demi in Suzhy's suitcase.
Demi in Suzhy's suitcase.
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The dog that really stole my heart during my stay in Carriacou was called Demi.

She was brought into us by a man who had stopped someone throwing her into the sea to drown.

Demi is about four months old and had a really severe case of demodex mange – hence her name.

Her condition was so bad she could barely open her eyes.

Demodex is a cigar-shaped parasite that burrows under the skin, hence the inflammation. Demi’s little legs were swollen and her entire body was red raw from the scratching and self-trauma she had caused herself from biting.

The wounds had become infected and she really looked in a bad way. So, as I said, she stole my heart.

Her treatment began with a special bath in a really strong shampoo that deals with demodex. She instantly looked better and started to eat.

Demi had daily doses of a really strong antibiotic and, of course, lots of love and cuddles from me.

I posted her story on our Facebook page and before long she had gone viral – with followers in Germany, France, Ireland, the USA, Britain and even Thailand.

By her second bath in the same solution, she was finding her puppy bark and character.

I fell in love with Demi and we looked into me bringing her over to the UK once she is better but, sadly, this is not an easy process.

The hospital founder promised me she would go to a great home, but it’s so frustrating when it is so easy for people in the USA to import dogs. I shed a tear over this...

The morning came of my last day volunteering at the hospital and I spent it with a very sad heart.

Obviously, I was sad to be leaving the hospital and finishing my time there, but the real sadness was leaving Demi.

We had a cuddle and a walk on the beach, which she loved, and this is the memory and the picture I will cherish forever

So, I started my trip back to the UK with a list of things I was going to send out – mops being one of them. They don’t have good ones over there, so cleaning is hard.

People ask me why I give up my annual holiday to travel overseas at my own cost and work for free. The answer is simple: Because that’s what I want to do – take my skills, love and funds to a country that really needs them.

I have since had updates on Demi, who is doing really really well, getting cheekier by the day, and it looks like she may have a new home waiting for her... in the USA.