My date with the Queen

Ocea-Lily Jarvis (grey coat) saw the Queen wallking to the Sunday church service at Sandringham. ANL-150601-111605001
Ocea-Lily Jarvis (grey coat) saw the Queen wallking to the Sunday church service at Sandringham. ANL-150601-111605001
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A little girl from Spalding is treasuring a picture of herself with the Queen after watching the royals walking to church at Sandringham.

Ocea-Lily Jarvis (10), of Hawthorn Bank, went to Sandringham with her family on Sunday, December 28.

The St John’s Primary School had hoped to hand over a special present for Prince George – a pull along ladybird with flapping wings – but that may now be sent to the young prince by post because there was no opportunity to give it to a member of the royal party.

Speaking about her big day, Ocea-Lily said: “I stood on a small piece of grass quite close to the church and we didn’t even have a barrier around us like everyone else.

“As the Queen arrived in her car I was so excited.

“When she stepped out of the car in front of us, she looked beautiful – she was wearing a gold, sparkly and patterned outfit.

“Nobody was allowed to take any pictures except for some professional photographers that were only allowed to stand as far as the gate.

“On the way out from the church, Prince Philip came over to talk to all the people standing on the tiny bit of grass and I think he said something about the sun blinding him. I don’t think anyone really knew what to say and so he didn’t get a reply. There were some other girls standing next to me holding some flowers but they didn’t give them to him. I had brought a toy with me and I just started to ask Prince Philip if he would give it to Prince George but as I started to speak he walked away, so I am guessing he didn’t hear me.

“The next day I found out that on the Internet there was a picture of the Queen walking into the church and I am in the picture as well – it was amazing to see myself in a picture with the Queen, I felt famous. I printed the picture out, put it in a picture frame and put it on the mantelpiece and there it stands proudly now.”

Ocea-Lily was at Sandringham with her mum, Ziggy Logan, grandparents Rex and Jenny Logan, aunt and uncle Jane and Darren Simpson and cousin Olivia Simpson.

Ziggy said: “We were very close. The Queen got out of the car right in front of us. The strange thing was that when she got out of the car, it was absolutely silent – although you knew it was happening, everybody was a bit shocked like, it’s the Queen, it was really quite strange. Ocea-Lily was amazed to see the Queen.”