MUSIC REVIEW: I’ll never be too old for Indie rock

Young Aviators
Young Aviators
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Self Help by Young Aviators

Out now on Electric Honey Records

At 43, I should really be too old for this Glasgow-based garage rock trio, but once an indie fan, always, I guess, and even at my age I still love discovering new bands.

Although it’s a step too far for me to connect with songs of disaffected youth, it’s the energy of the scuzzy guitars and the joy of the melodies of the Northern Irish trio’s debut album that hook me.

They kick off with the indie heaven that is Sunrise on the Motorway and reprise with Sunset on the Motorway. Inbetween there’s half-an-hour of joyous, raw energy

It’s almost as if they’ve studied all the alternative greats and channelled them into one offering, what with the melodies of the opening track, feedback in Forward Thinking and jangly guitars in First Day on Earth.

By the time they get to fifth track Deathrays in Disneyland I can imagine myself skulking at the back of a venue with a pint as hundreds of sweaty young bodies mosh for their lives at the front.

Next comes their ‘Snow Patrol’ moment with the slower Future Pill before the single We’ve Got Names For Folks Like You, which pays homage to The Pixies.There’s even a touch of Blur to Rejection Letter, before the joyous reprise ends things.

Signed to the label that discovered Snow Patrol and Biffy Clyro, expect to hear more from these lads.

Jeremy Ransome