Mum sees red over flooded A17 underpass

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A mum from Holbeach is angry with county highways officials after her son had to use a flooded underpass under the A17 to get to college.

Julie Winterton (46) of Toll’s Lane was “wound up” after her teenage son rang her last Friday about the rain-soaked underpass linking Penny Hill and Park Road and used by students walking to University Academy Holbeach.

Broken drains above the underpass caused the flooding which was repaired by engineers from Lincolnshire County Council on Tuesday, but Julie wants to see a permament solution to the problem.

“My son rang me at lunchtime on Friday and said he was concerned about walking through the underpass in case he got his feet wet,” Julie said.

“It wound me up when I saw some pictures of the underpass that he sent using his mobile phone, so I rang the county council and reported it.

“I rang again on Monday and the council said it had taken several calls about the leak and it was in the pipeline to be done.

“But it didn’t get sorted until Tuesday and I’m concerned that the underpass might flood again because it’s happened before and I won’t let my son cross the A17.”