MUM’S THE WORD: Trying to be picture perfect mum

Kate Chapman and baby Nancy.
Kate Chapman and baby Nancy.
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By my own admission I’ve been a bit ‘bad’ in the mum stakes this week, and no I’ve not been raiding Nancy’s piggy bank again; in my defence that was a one-off and it was for her benefit, as I needed some change for the swimming pool car park. (You’ll be pleased to hear it’s all been paid back and with interest!)

No, I’ve been chatting to other mums with little ones around the same age and listening in horror as they tell me about all the ‘messy play’ and craft activities they’ve been enjoying together.

Painting, drawing, modelling with Play-Doh, playing with tubs of jelly, water and sand, baking… the list goes on and on and left me feeling somewhat dejected, that I had been depriving Nancy of expressing herself creatively.

Anyhow that’s all been rectified now – last week I hot-footed it down to the shops (as if I’ve ever needed an excuse!) and promptly stocked up on all sorts of goodies – including super-washable felt tip pens, paint tubes with brushes on the end, Play-Doh, reams of coloured paper and an Aquadoodle mat (a pen you fill with water and draw on a special mat with, which can’t cause any damage to the walls, floor, furniture with – in other words pure genius!)

First we started with the Play-Doh, although she didn’t really seem that interested in it. She squished it about a bit and then chucked it on the floor. So far there’s only been one attempt to eat it – and that, I suspect, might have been my own fault since I started fashioning small round balls out of the bright green dough, which looked suspiciously like the peas she’d had for tea the night before. To her credit though she soon spat them out – if it tastes as bad as it smells, I can’t say I blame her!

With that quickly cast aside we moved on to drawing with the felt tips, which true to their word are super washable – thank goodness, otherwise I would have been carrying round a toddler bearing an uncanny resemblance to Alice Cooper, complete with garish blue lips for the best part of this week. Thankfully we managed to get some on the paper too and now Nancy’s first picture (this is rather a loose description of some random coloured lines, although everyone, even Picasso had to start somewhere!) is now taking pride of place on the fridge for all to see!

Suffice to say our house now looks like an unruly episode of Art Attack but it was definitely worth it. Next week we even might give Delia a run for her money and attempt some baking!