MUM’S THE WORD: Reality TV show is enough to put you off childbirth

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I’ve just watched my first episode of One Born Every Minute. Now granted this was the US version on More 4, but had I watched this show BN (Before Nancy) I very much doubt that you’d be reading this column now!

I’m well aware that the Americans like to make a fuss and do everything on a scale ten times bigger and better than us Brits, but it’ll be a miracle if anyone ever goes on to have children after watching this latest ‘reality’ show.

The British version launched onto the small screen while I was expecting Nancy, but despite our curiosity we decided to avoid tuning in at all costs; I was worried enough about when and where I’d go into labour, without watching rafts of women screaming and writhing in agony, as is par for the course when anyone gives birth, or is portrayed giving birth on television.

I appreciate that ‘reality’ TV has a duty to entertain but in my opinion this show does far from that. Although there was one clip which made me smile – but for all the wrong reasons. One over excited dad, keen to capture his new offspring on film, managed to drop his oversized camera on the tiny bundle of joy as he dangled it precariously above the crib. It should have been on You’ve Been Framed, not a programme dubbed as a heartwarming peek inside the labour ward.

Another couple barely looked over their newborn before whipping out their mobile phones so they could ‘Tweet’ their happy news.

To be honest I should have known what to expect before I switched on. All shows like this do is take the most dramatic moments and string them together – and ultimately serve no purpose other than to worry every mum-to-be senseless even more about all the things that can go wrong and how painful it’s going to be, all in the name of winning ratings.

Why on earth anyone in the throes of labour would consent to being filmed for national television while going through one of the most emotional experiences they will ever have is beyond me; I can safely say I never would have agreed to such an invasion of privacy (although some of you may argue that this column is exactly that, although I beg to differ). Besides I don’t think watching me waddle about while chomping my way through two rounds of toast and a banana while constantly re-applying the sticky pads of my TENs machine would have made for very rivetting viewing.

One Born Every Minute – I’ll say. The producers of this show must think we’re all mugs if this is the best they can come up with. I won’t be tuning in again.