MUM’S THE WORD: Oh for the days of the Clangers

Kate and Nancy Chapman
Kate and Nancy Chapman
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I’ve finally inaugurated myself into a “secret society”, which, to be honest I’ve been trying to avoid for as long as humanly possible.

Everywhere I go mums, grandmas and friends have been talking about this weird and wonderful world and how their little ones love it, although none of them have a clue as to what is going on.

What on earth am I talking about I hear you ask? The nonsense that is In the Night Garden of course.

We stumbled upon an epsiode by chance the other day – well Nancy did. She was gayly waving the TV remote about, in between chewing and dribbling all over it, and managed to flick the channel over to CBeebies.

And who should pop up but the big blue sausage-like thing, which I’m informed is Iggle Piggle, and his Tombliboo friends – who in this episode had sadly lost their trousers.

What a load of old rubbish – even Nancy agreed. She turned her back on the TV in disgust as soon as something, which I later discovered was called the Pinky-Ponk or was it the Ninky-Nonk, (oh who cares anyway, they’re all as daft as they sound), appeared on the screen and crawled off as quick as she could towards the door.

I have to admit, on this occasion I wasn’t far behind her!

At the risk of showing my age, I’m sure children’s television was much better when I was little!

Whatever happened to good old classics like Rainbow, Pigeon Street, the Magic Roundabout and Button Moon (which also showed just how much fun you could have with an old baked bean tin, plastic funnel and washing up mop!).

Don’t even get me started on Postman Pat – I understand he’s undergone a radical 21st century makeover and now delivers his parcels in a state-of-the-art Tomahawk helicopter.

I’ve not seen it but I’m sure even with the advent of internet shopping, couldn’t the residents of Greendale have managed with the Parcelforce lorry like the rest of us?!

After much consdideration I’ve come to the conclusion that the creators of these modern day programmes (and I use that word “creators” loosely) must be on some kind of illegal substances to come up with these monstrosities – Teletubbies is another example.

None of these modern day shows hold a candle to the likes of Sesame Street, Dangermouse, Bagpuss, Cockleshell Bay, The Clangers or Wacky Races.

They were fantastic, innocent programmes and I’m not disputing their modern day equivalents aren’t – but at least we could understand what all the characters were actually saying!

Come back Mr Benn – all is forgiven.