MUM’S THE WORD: Nancy’s climbing – but still not walking yet!

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So, Nancy’s still not walking and seems to be showing no inclination to do so; but she wants to climb everything in sight – how does that work?!

Yes, she’ll do the whole walking along if you hold her hands above her head, but as soon as any attempt is made to wean her off and let go of just one, she immediately drops to her knees like a sack of spuds and crawls off.

Yet on the odd occasion she’s even tried to stand on one leg in a flamingo-like pose!

When she’s in the mood she’s quite a speedy little sprinter – albeit looking like one of the characters out of Monty Python’s Ministry of Silly Walks.

She can go forwards, backwards, and even sideways, as I discovered the other day, but she’s just point blank refusing to go solo.

I’ve been told it’s all down to confidence, which I find a little hard to believe (I think she’s just lazy – it’s much easier and quicker for getting into mischief to scoot about on her knees or to get muggins here to carry her!).

And she’s certainly not shy the rest of the time.

Whenever we go to any groups she’s quite happy to go up to complete strangers and butt in, to see what she’s missing out on.

And on another occasion she had no qualms about going up to a little boy who was considerably older than her and pulling his hair, making him cry.

But as for walking, she’s really not that interested.

Now climbing – well that’s a whole different ball game, as I have discovered.

I left the lower stair gate undone the other day, turned my back for a couple of seconds and then found her on the third step up, busily negotiating the fourth.

The week before, I caught her stood on the bonnet of her ride-on tractor, which she’d ‘parked’ next to the radiator, so she could reach up and pull the tea-towels down.

And again when we hit the Fun Farm, she was straight up the big foam ramp-like steps without a moment’s hesitation.

It must have been over six-feet high, but she didn’t bat an eyelid unlike me who had to follow her.

If there’s an obvious way around – or the chance to climb through/over/under something then I can guarantee she’ll be there like a shot.

I find myself starring in wonderment sometimes as she negotiates her way through the spells in the kitchen chairs.

But there’s still one question I can’t come up with an answer to – how long will this walking standstill last?