MUM’S THE WORD: Nancy puts her best feet forward

Kate and Nancy Chapman
Kate and Nancy Chapman
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Houston we have lift off! Well to say we’re up and running is a little bit of an overstatement but small steps have been made – and several of them!

After waiting for what seems like an eternity, and with everyone else’s little ones running round firmly on two feet, Nancy has finally decided to join them and took her first solo steps the other morning.

After doing everything imaginable to encourage her these last few weeks – putting her favourite toys just out of reach, walking her about endlessly with two hands, then one, holding her round the waist and then letting her go, in the vain hope that she’d just keep going – it was actually a piece of toast smeared in Marmite which was her breaking point.

I should have know it would be food, which finally got her going; Nancy really is a little piggy at the moment – she doesn’t turn anything edible down (and sometimes the not so edible, given the state of the bathroom sponge!).

In fact, she’s bordering on being a food pest, hanging off anyone else when they’re trying to eat too.

But I digress, I’m not sure who was more surprised as she reached out and started tottering towards me, a big cheesy grin across her face, as she grasped hold of the toasty finger and then dropped to her knees.

She sat there munching away, looking pretty pleased with herself, if not a little bemused as to why I was clapping my hands and praising her excitedly for what she’d just done.

I felt like all my Christmases had come at once – and she really had no idea!

I immediately called Mr Chapman to share my exciting news and when I recounted the story, although pleased, all he could come out with was that she was ‘obviously her mother’s daughter’, given that it was food she was foraging for. Charming!

She’s been getting braver in everything she does the last couple of weeks – standing on tippy-toes to get at anything that’s out of reach, hanging off the door handles as she tries to escape from a room, endlessly flapping the letterbox open and closed... the list goes on!

In fact she really is into everything already – so I don’t see how she can possibly be any more trouble now she’s finally found her feet... or can she?

It’s taken her a little while to get there, but now she’s finally got going, it would seem that there’s no stopping her.

So, it’s one small step for Nancy, and a giant leap into toddler-hood for us all!