MUM’S THE WORD: My word, a landmark moment

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Another week, another first – this time Nancy’s first ‘proper’ word.

I use the word ‘proper’ because she’s been pretty vocal for a while now, gurgling and cooing in her own little way, sometimes non-stop, much to our amusement.

A few weeks ago I was pretty adamant she’d said “no’”to me several times; it’s a word she’s heard a fair bit of lately, so it really wouldn’t have come as a big suprise if that had been her first one.

There’s also been a few mumbled syllables sounding like “gone” too, but I think these were more gurgling, or perhaps even wind, so they didn’t count. On top of that she’s also taken to making cute doggie “oof oof” noises whenever she sees a furry four-legged friend, but I don’t think these can be classed as ‘proper’ words either.

However, the other morning there was definitely intent; I’m sure she knew what she was saying and the word came out loud and crystal clear.

I have to admit she caught me off guard a bit, still half asleep, I was busying myself trying to sort out her Ready Brek, making sure it wasn’t too stodgy as she has a habit of taking it out of her mouth and chucking it everywhere if it’s not to her liking.

So what was Nancy’s first word? Well, I’m afraid it wasn’t that exciting.

It was directed at Mr Chapman as he was leaving for work. She promptly started waving from her high chair and then shouted “bye” after him. I did a double take, not quite sure I’d heard correctly. I repeated it back to her and she said it again, while waving even more furiously and then she shouted it again, just for good measure.

It was funny to hear her little voice but it was also lovely that she chose that particular moment as it meant we were both there to share this latest ‘first’.

However, true to form she wouldn’t play ball when I tried to get her to show off her new talent later!

I suppose “bye” was always going to be an obvious first word – wherever we go family, friends, shop assistants and even complete strangers wave and say “bye-bye” to her in a bid to get her to wave her chubby little hand.

Mine, on the other hand was “shoe” – something which won’t surprise many people who know me, as shoes have always been a passion of mine!

But, nevertheless I’m very impressed – it was very tactful, if not clever, of her not to single either one of us out with “Mamma” or “Dadda”!

Wise words already, from one so young!