MUM’S THE WORD: Jack Daniels has given way to Peppa Pig

Kate Chapman and baby Nancy.
Kate Chapman and baby Nancy.
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I used to laugh when I heard ‘older’ people say it, but it’s true; you get to a certain point in life and you suddenly find that every man and his dog is getting married and having babies.

I’ve lost count of the number of friends and relations who are pregnant or on the verge of giving birth – to be honest I’m starting to think that there must be something in the water!

And a few days ago we attended another lovely Christening to officially welcome our friends’ beautiful baby girl Heidi Sue into the world.

Suffice to say Nancy is fast becoming a pro on the party circuit – at only 15 months old this was her third Christening to date, plus we’ve got another wedding coming up in a few weeks, which will be her fourth.

While we were sat round watching all the children running about and playing together on that weekend, a few of us started to reflect on how things have changed in such short space of time.

Our friendly get-togethers used to be a little bit more raucous (well, a lot more if I’m strictly honest); they would entail far less sobriety and go on well into the early hours.

Now we meet up much earlier (this, I can confirm is so that we can all go home earlier – to sleep), and playing with the children has taken the place of dancing and drinking games while Peppa Pig has replaced Jack Daniels!

I have to say, the thought of looking after a small child while suffering with a hangover is one that fills me dread – and so far as I can see is a situation best avoided at all costs, as I’m sure many of you will agree.

As I said earlier, many of us in our circle are parents now and have little people in our charge to keep a watchful eye on.

I probably wouldn’t be far off the mark if I said that it won’t be long before the babies and children are outnumbering the adults. Oh how times have changed!

And now that Nancy’s running round – like a wibbly-wobbly drunken Thunderbird – it’s absolutely wonderful to watch her joining in now and seeing them all play together.

With her being one of the youngest, I love watching my friends little ones develop to see what she’ll be doing and getting into next.

The nature of our get-togethers has certainly changed but I’m pretty sure there isn’t one among us who doesn’t prefer it this way.