MUM’S THE WORD: Cum on feel the noize!

Kate and Nancy Chapman
Kate and Nancy Chapman
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As you read this the countdown to Christmas is well and truly on with just 12 days to go – and even less shopping days.

Despite my best intentions, my self-imposed ‘Christmas amnesty until December 1’, which I wrote about earlier, failed dismally. With a mounting ‘to do’ list I succumbed mid-November and joined the throngs hitting the High Street, albeit to no avail and in the end I did most of my shopping online.

Nancy has just turned 18 months – so I don’t think there’ll be too much pressure on us in the present stakes this year, as she still won’t fully understand what’s going on yet.

Nevertheless I’ve spent ages scouring the shops and festive catalogues to see what Father Christmas might bring her come December 25 and if I’m honest I’ve been left a little stumped. I think it’s because she’s a tricky age; a lot of the toys out there are a bit too ‘babyish’ for her now, while the rest seem to be geared towards little ones aged three and over. Plus she’s not into any particular characters or programmes either.

I’ve also been picking the brains of parents with children around the same age or a bit older and came up with a few ideas, most of which seem to be for outdoor play, which isn’t ideal at this time of year.

Nancy’s only recently just started to get the hang of some of last year’s presents properly – like a set of stacking blocks, a shape sorter and her jigsaws – so I’ve added plenty of things she can build with and get creative to my shopping list such as giant bricks, puzzles and a few books. Plus anything which is a smaller version of the household items she like to play with – a toy hoover, dustpan and brush and tea set etc.

She’s got a ton of cuddly toys, so there won’t be any of those and I’ve definitely learnt my lesson after last year – there’ll be fewer battery-operated noise-makers too! Although I’m certain Nancy would beg to differ as anything loud and musical is getting her vote at the moment – especially since she’s just found her dancing feet, throwing her legs about like a miniature Michael Flatley in a Riverdance-stylee at every opportunity.

Come Christmas afternoon, when there’s only repeats on the telly, I’m sure we’ll have our own entertainment to keep us amused!

Although she can’t talk, let alone write yet, I imagine her ‘wish list’ to Santa would include a few extra items – namely anything noisy – in the fact the louder the better as far as she’s concerned, beads or any kind of shiny jewellery, handbags and shoes, which she appears to be obsessed with at the moment, and a few cardboard boxes for good measure!

I’m sure this next comment is going to come back and haunt me in the future, but roll on the days when she can actually tell us what she wants!