MUM’S THE WORD: Crawling Nancy took first holiday in her stride

Kate and Nancy Chapman.
Kate and Nancy Chapman.
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How come when you go away for a week you manage to return with three times as many bags of washing?

That aside, we’ve just got home from a lovely break in the Lake District – our first family trip away and Nancy’s inaugural holiday.

I was a little concerned it would throw her all out of sync and that she would kick up a fuss about sleeping in a different cot in unfamiliar surroundings, but I needn’t have worried – she took it all in her little stride and seemed to thrive on the change of scenery.

We packed the car up to the rafters with everything imaginable, well all but the kitchen sink; it still never ceases to amaze me just how much stuff one little person needs, and headed off on the 200-mile journey to Cumbria, for our farm stay.

We had a fab time and Nancy absolutely loved seeing all the animals – the sheep, lambs, chickens, dogs and ducks, even if she did insist they were all dogs and kept making barking noises at anything on four legs.

I had hoped she’d be walking by the time we went away but it wasn’t to be; however, that didn’t stop her scooting across the beach at top speed, waving her shiny new plastic bucket and spade around, demolishing sandcastles as quick as we could build them and, when she thought we weren’t looking, ramming fistfuls of sand into her mouth!

While we were exploring and sightseeing we turned the seat on her pushchair round so she could look out into big, wide world, something I’d reluctantly avoided doing for as long as possible, on the pretence that she gets tricky if she can’t see me for long periods of time, although if I’m honest it was more for my benefit, as any new mum will agree, you don’t want to take your eyes off your little one, even for a minute, in case you miss some new milestone.

But she didn’t bat an eyelid, she was far too busy waving at everyone who came into sight – flashing them her ever expanding toothy grin, and making new friends at every opportunity.

I knew she was alright as I could see her tiny feet waggling up and down in excitement and every so often a little hand would reach out from the side, trying to grab or touch something it shouldn’t.

On our return everyone’s insisting she’s grown, altered facially and that her hair’s even blonder.

Seeing her every day I don’t notice these subtle changes but looking back at some of the pre-holiday pictures I can see she’s losing her ‘babyness’ but one things for sure, she’s definitely getting cheekier everyday. I can’t imagine where she gets that from!