MUM’S THE WORD COLUMN: Give Castle pool a visit – you might be pleasantly surprised

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We’ve been a little bit ambitious in signing up for groups and activities recently. In fact Nancy’s social life now outweighs mine by at least ten to one.

We’ve already completed a baby massage course, tried various playgroups and week in week out we’re regularly enjoying music and singing sessions and baby gym to name a few.

As I’m writing this we’ve just returned from another trip to Spalding swimming pool.

Readers of this paper will know the facility’s come in for a fair amount of criticism during the last couple of years – with numerous complaints of filthy changing rooms and water so chilly it was turning babies blue.

So when I decided I was going to take Nancy swimming regularly I did consider going further afield and trying Bourne or Wisbech pools, which were both highly recommended to me.

It was several years since I’d visited the Castle pool, but I have to say that every time I’ve been, I’ve been nothing but pleasantly surprised. The changing rooms are virtually spotless, the locker’s all have keys – and they work, the staff are friendly and helpful and the pool has, mostly, been warm.

My only criticism is that some people are ignoring the requests to remove their footwear or put shoe covers on in the changing rooms.

And the last few times we’ve been, there’s been hardly anyone else in the baby pool. On the occasions when it’s been empty the lifeguards have obligingly opened it up for us to enjoy all by ourselves.

I started taking Nancy swimming when she was six months old, as I wanted her to get used to the water and now she absolutely loves splish-splashing about.

The first time she was a little non-plussed about the whole experience, although on the upside at least she didn’t cry!

But now she’s getting used to the pool and the surroundings she seems to be having great fun slapping the water, splashing herself and anyone who gets in a ten foot radius of her and bobbing about in her rubber seat.

I didn’t learn to swim until I was a bit older and was never taken with my primary school, so consequently I’m not a great swimmer. I don’t like getting my face wet or getting out of my depth and this has made me determined to do everything I can to stop Nancy having the same fears.

So thank you Castle pool team for providing a great facility here in our town; swimming is good fun and exercise, as well as equipping our little ones with a great skill for life.

And hopefully next time we go, there’ll be a few more little people there enjoying the pool too.