Mum’s tears over Argos error

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A SINGLE mum was left in tears after a mistake in the Argos book dashed her hopes of buying her son a scooter she had promised him for his birthday.

Max Holmes will turn seven on Sunday and mum-of-four Julie had gone to the town’s store on Tuesday to get the gift that the youngster had set his heart on.

In the Argos book, the Zinc Chaos Scooter was advertised for £17.99, but when Julie went to pay for it she was told it was £79.99 – forcing her to leave the shop empty-handed as she could not afford the extra £62.

She said: “I am so angry and upset. How can they get away with advertising something for more than £60 less than it really is. How am I going to tell my young son that I haven’t been able to buy him the toy I promised him after all.

“He loves skateboarding and BMXing and has told all his friends at the skatepark he is getting this scooter for his birthday. Kids that age can be really cruel and he will probably get called a liar if he doesn’t get the scooter after all.

“They should have to sell it at that price if they advertise it at that price.

Unfortunately, consumer rights do not back Julie up. They state that if an article is mistakenly advertised at the wrong price, it does not have to be sold at that price.

Julie, who lives in Royce Road, Spalding, with Max and her three other children Ben (8), Amy (3) and Zak (2), said she left the store and burst into tears after being told by a member of staff that the mistake in the book was “not his problem” and that there were “hundreds of prices wrong”.

“She said: “With Christmas coming I just want to warn other parents not to promise their children anything from Argos without checking its price first, else they could end up very disappointed.”

A spokesman for Argos said: “Occasionally errors do occur with catalogue pricing, as in this case, and we would like to offer our sincere apologies to this customer for the genuine mistake.”