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MP tells council: "Go back to drawing board on Spalding Western Relief Road"

MP Sir John Hayes has told the county council to go back to the drawing board so no homes are bulldozed when Spalding Western Relief Road is built.

The MP will meet the county's executive member for highways, Richard Davies, this week to press for a council re-think - and for the people to have their say.

Sir John joined protestors from Spalding's Bourne Road, where up to nine houses are in line to be demolished, and those who will be affected by the northern section at Pinchbeck.

MP Sir John Hayes is giving residents his full support.(SG-060419-004TW)
MP Sir John Hayes is giving residents his full support.(SG-060419-004TW)

Some residents learned bombshell news that their homes were in line for demolition at a public consultation meeting - while others were warned by county and district councillor Angela Newton, who called a public meeting.

Sir John told protestors on Saturday: "There was no prior knowledge of this and for people to go along to a public consultation and suddenly to find out that their home is going to be bulldozed I think is appalling and completely unacceptable."

Bourne Road resident Catherine Roberts was among protestors in Market Place on Saturday, along with fellow residents,

She says they were joined by people living around the northern section who will see "the natural beauty and wildlife destroyed" as the road cuts along properties beside the Vernatt's Drain.

The county council plans to start work on the northern section this winter, and build a southern section - at Spalding Common - the following year.

The aim is to eventually link both sections but Sir John and others have warned Spalding could end up with two roads to nowhere.

Following the protest, Catherine told us: "There was overwhelming support from everyone we spoke to as they signed the petition.

"Most people were unaware of the proposed road, and failed to see what advantage could be gained, apart from maybe the heavy good lorries needing to travel from Wardentree Lane to Bourne. and provide a link into the new large housing estates.

"Another common theme was diverting traffic away from the town centre would only see the demise of the central retail area.

"Both LCC and SHDC have taunted the residents that this new relief was well publicised and we should have been aware at an earlier stage.

"Interesting to hear that many people are unaware of the proposals, and most that did know have only learnt thanks to the (recent) publicity in the local press."

She said people were "genuinely appalled" that council officials believe it is OK to bulldoze family homes in pursuit of building more houses and a new road.

There will be a further protest in Hall Place on Saturday.

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