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LETTER: MP John Hayes works for good of constituents

John Tippler rightly compliments Sir John Hayes – perhaps the best constituency MP in the country, by the way – for his stance on defending children against the zealots that want to change their sex.

Mr Tippler also praises John Hayes for standing against those trying to distort history because they are ashamed of our nation’s past.

Yet, Mr Tippler can’t see that it is the left-wing intelligentsia that are driving all such nonsense. That’s where the sense of his letter ends.

MP Sir John Hayes (13453530)
MP Sir John Hayes (13453530)

For if he had studied Sir John’s political career with more care, he would know that, on numerous occasions locally he has worked with all parties and none to defend local people – from the campaign to save Deepings Library to his efforts to secure the best health care for the people of Spalding and protect them from the potential congestion that would be caused by the Western Outer Loop road.

John Hayes has worked closely with political opponents as well as friends in Parliament too– his popularity amongst Labour MPs is well-known – both because of his record in Government when he made a point of informing opposition parties fully and embracing the ideas of others.

Recently, he has collaborated with Labour MP, Chris Bryant to highlight the needs of those affected by brain injury and with Labour MP, Carolyne Harris to protect the poorest from the indignity of being unable to afford a funeral for children they have lost.

Mr Tippler fails to appreciate that being a conviction politician – as John Hayes certainly is, is far from incompatible with respect for others and a willingness to listen and learn from them, as the excellent MP from South Holland and the Deepings does so often.

Andrew Livsey

via email

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