Movie role gives bullied Amy a spring in her step

Chappell Road, Deeping St Nicholas'Amy Cook who is appearing in next Street Dance film
Chappell Road, Deeping St Nicholas'Amy Cook who is appearing in next Street Dance film
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A DANCER who was taunted by bullies at school for being a “nerd” has landed herself a featured part in an upcoming film.

Amy Cook, of Chappell Road, Deeping St Nicholas, will appear alongside members of Britain’s Got Talent dance troupe Flawless in Street Dance 2 3D.

Amy (27) has achieved her dream of appearing in a film despite bullies knocking her confidence so much that she had to be taught at home.

She said: “I cannot describe the opportunity I am getting. It’s what I’ve wanted to do and this opportunity could lead on to different things.

“I’m happy knowing this will be on film forever. It’ll be one to show the grandchildren.”

Amy attended Spalding School of Dance to learn modern contemporary dance, which gave her the push she needed to follow it as a career.

After completing GCSEs, she did a BTEC in performing arts at Boston College. She went on to become a Redcoat at Butlins in Skegness and has also worked as a dance teacher.

Amy said: “I was badly bullied at school, so much so that I hated it. They called me a nerd because I was clever.

“It’s nice because I am now friends with some of them on Facebook and they can see what I have achieved.”

Amy sent off her details after being told by a friend that extra dancers were needed for the film. She was soon told that she had the unique look they were looking for.

Filming is due to start in the next couple of weeks.

“I went down to London to do rehearsals for a couple of weeks,” said Amy, who also works in Peacocks in Spalding. “Now they’ve been and gone so we’re going through the dances when we get there. It will be pretty good to get the cameras around although I’m not looking forward to the 7am starts.”

The film might be ready for release later this year.