Moulton Seas End inventor makes a bird pool on the ‘cheep’

John ward and his bird pool.
John ward and his bird pool.
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Spalding Guardian columnist and madcap inventor John Ward has designed a swimming pool for the birds that visit his Moulton Seas End garden!

Originally a shop-bought bird bath, John adapted it using some left-over plywood, a Poundland paint roller tray and some ‘other bits and bobs found in the shed’.

The pool-style bird bath now has a diving board, ladder and sun longer, plus a beach ball, which was a cat’s toy that became surplus to the pet’s requirements.

The ladder was made from a plastic coat hanger, the diving board from an aspirin bottle lid and a foam off-cut and the sun lounger from lolly sticks.

The weight of the wrought iron stand means it will not blow over in the wind and special fitted valves mean it won’t overfill when it rains.

John told the Free Press: “So far the birds are a bit wary of using it but one or two are testing the water.

“So it’s just a question of time before we get ‘standing room only’ and ‘mind where you point that beak’ signs put up.”


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