Moulton Pet stores mark 25 years

Nigel & Lorna Mynott and Trudy Garratt
Nigel & Lorna Mynott and Trudy Garratt
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Good old fashioned customer service and putting patrons first is key to the success of Moulton Pet Stores, which marks its 25th anniversary this month.

The pet supplies shop at 90 East Cobgate first opened its doors on the outskirts of the village on January 7, 1991 with Patricia and Gerald Mynott at the helm.

Nigel & Lorna Mynott

Nigel & Lorna Mynott

Sadly Patricia passed away 18 months after the launch, when her son Nigel and his wife Lorna took over the shop, which sells everything for pets and animals from bedding to feed as well as certain veterinary supplies and more.

The business remains a family affair with Gerald (now 87) still lending a hand when he can, along with the couple’s two sons Henry (19) and Harry (20), who help out with deliveries, as well as sister-in-law Trudy Garratt.

“It’s a great milestone to reach,” said Nigel. “I think it’s all down to us being a traditional family business and giving the customers what they want over the years.

“We try and stock what people ask for – as a small family business customer service is very important to us.

“Some of the people that come in have been coming in since day one – and we’re very grateful for their support.

“Twenty-five years is a long time, but the shop has not really changed that much – in fact when you come in it’s a bit like going back in time as the feed is still weighed out on site in line with regulations.

“We do stock more products now though and cater for more animals; initially it was cats, dogs and small animals, it’s still those but now we have supplies for goats, poultry, horses and more.

“When we first started there were just two or three complete dog foods – and now there are literally hundreds.”

The store offers a local delivery service which is free for items over £40, and £2 for goods under that amount and a text or email delivery reminder to customers who require one. The shop also has ample on-site parking and assistance for anyone who struggles with mobility.

Staff also provide a horse rug washing and repair service and Nigel has the authority to sell certain veterinary supplies including wormers and flea treatments, and wormers for poultry and horses.

“It’s a special year for us,” added Nigel. “Over the next few weeks we’ll be running a few different offers and promotions to say thank you to our customers.”

• Moulton Pet Stores, 90 East Cobgate, Moulton. Telephone 01406 370461.