Moulton man’s act of courage rewarded

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A Moultonian received recognition of his bravery in 1916 – for his actions in his civilian role.

Moulton native G Bransom, a platform inspector with the London and North Western Railway Company, received a presentation from the company directors “in acknowledgement of a brave deed in life-saving at Rugby station”.

Late at night a soldier had jumped off the platform and was rushing across the metals and had almost reached a line on which an engine and trucks were approaching.

Inspector Bransom, realising the man’s danger, jumped after him and managed to throw him down and held him close to the metals until the train had passed.

The report said: “His prompt action, which undoubtedly saved the soldier’s life, was reported to the management of the London and North Western Railway Co, who made Inspector Bransom a grant of £2 2s in acknowledgement.”

Inspector Bransom’s own father, who had lived in Moulton, had sadly lost his life in an accident a few years earlier.

Inspector Bransom had entered the service of the Midland Railway as a porter in 1889. In 1890, he was put in charge of the Lost Property Department, and in 1891 was made guard.

The following year he had an accident in which his legs and ribs were injured.

After recovering and being “on the relief” for some months, he was sent to Rugby.

He was then transferred to the NLW Railway and made inspector, the position he held when he performed his act of bravery.

The report said Inspector Bransom took a keen interest in farming and dealing in livestock, as far as his duties allowed him.