Moulton Chapel youngsters learn about leeks

Moulton Chapel Primary School pupils were able to touch and smell produce during the session.
Moulton Chapel Primary School pupils were able to touch and smell produce during the session.
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In fact the pupils didn’t visit the farm in real life, but were transported there in the first of a series of online field trips for 2016, called Long Leeks, provided by Tesco.

During the interactive online learning experience the children met leek farming expert Charlie Lightbown at an Emmet UK farm.

Charlie guided the pupils through a 30-minute online lesson to learn about the journey of the leek from farm to fork, talking about how the vegetable is grown, harvested and how they can be included in lots of different meals.

Schools taking part in the online field trips also receive a free delivery from Tesco, including the produce, so children can see, touch and smell what they are learning about. Also included in the delivery are classroom materials to be used for experiments related to the topic.

Corporate responsibility director at Tesco Josh Hardie said: “Since its inception in 2014, The Tesco Eat Happy Project has reached over one million children across the UK, teaching them about the origins of the food they eat every day.

“We are excited to launch another series of our online classes. At Tesco we are committed to helping young people live healthier lives by teaching them about the importance of a balanced diet as well as supporting UK farmers by highlighting the important role they play in getting food on to our plates.”

Leek farmer Charlie added: “This is a fantastic initiative and it’s great that a household name such as Tesco has got behind it to make it available to UK schools. It’s essential that children are taught about healthy eating from a young age and this is a great way to promote vegetables as part of a balanced diet right from the very beginning.”

Moulton Chapel Primary School headteacher Lisa Meacher said the children were really excited to take part in the online Long Leeks session. She said: “They learnt all sorts of new and interesting facts about leeks and the allium family.

“Tesco has created a great initiative and the children love doing something a little different in the classroom. These online classes are a fantastic way to supplement our class work.”

To join future online video sessions or to find out about The Tesco Eat Happy Project, visit