Moulton Chapel residents worried by loss of village garage in 78 homes plan

Residents are worried by the possible loss of the Moulton Chapel Motors building. SG020817-109TW
Residents are worried by the possible loss of the Moulton Chapel Motors building. SG020817-109TW
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Moulton Chapel residents are objecting to the loss of a garage on Roman Road to make way for a housing development of up to 78 homes.

Woodgate Farms Ltd is seeking outline consent for the development and South Holland District Council planning officers are recommending approval to the planning committee when they meet tonight (Wednesday).

The site is outside settlement boundary in the adopted South Holland Local Plan but allocated in part in the emerging South East Lincolshire Plan.

The proposed development area extends to 3.90 hectares and includes Moulton Chapel Motors and agricultural land behind Roman Road, Woodgate Road and Cekhira Avenue.

More than 50 objections have been received, with people commenting on matters including:

• The applicant does not own the garage

• Increased traffic and highway safety fears

• It is premature as the new local plan has not been approved

• Loss of amenity and increased noise

• It is out of character with a linear village

A report to the planning committee says: “Concern has been raised about the loss of the commercial garage offering car repairs and a petrol filling station, as both a service and in terms of the character of the centre of the village.”

It says “national and local policy seek to protect existing rural businesses”, but points out that consideration is “outweighed by the need for housing and the council’s lack of a five-year housing land supply”.

The report continues: “Concerns that the applicant does not own the garage are not a material planning consideration.

“The required notice has been served on the owner by the applicant.

“Ultimately, this is a civil matter and if the applicant, or any future developer, cannot secure the land required to deliver the access, then any planning permission will not be implementable.

“Concerns have also been raised regarding contamination from the garage site. The applicant has submitted evidence in this regard, and subject to conditions the council’s environmental health team have no objections.”

Officers say a revised indicative plan shows the development will seek to protect the area next to the grade II listed mill on the northern boundary.

They recommend permit, subject to a third of the homes being affordable and on-site archaeological investigations.

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