Motors: Summer servicing

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With winter weather seemingly being reluctant to leave us it might not seem possible but the summer season is just around the corner.

To enjoy your motoring this summer without breakdowns we identify some areas to check on your car that any reputable garage, dealer or mobile mechanic can help you with.

Cooked Engines:

Failure to keep coolant levels topped up can overheat an engine.

Check the condition and level of the engine coolant, look for signs of leakage and check that the cooling fan is working.

If not, check the fuse first or visit a garage.

Engine Oil:

If there’s not enough oil circulating around your vehicle’s engine metal to metal friction occurs.

Check the oil level regularly using the dipstick to avoid an engine seizure.

Air Conditioning:

Air-conditioning systems can harbour waterborne bacteria if not regularly maintained. Inhaling these can harm your health.

Poorly maintained air-con units drain engine power and increase fuel consumption.

Many local garages and main dealers provide vehicle air-conditioning re-gassing and maintenance.


Check tyre pressures – check them first thing in the morning as they expand when hot.

Tread depth should be 1.6mm (legal minimum).

Inspect tyres for dangerous bulges and cuts.


Ensure your vehicle’s reliability this summer season by taking your car to your local garage or main dealer.

Ask their professional technicians to check it over as there’s nothing better than peace of mind.