Motors REview: Ford CMAX 1.0L Eco-Boost

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Ford’s C-MAX 1.0-litre EcoBoost might not get anywhere too close to its claimed 55.4mpg fuel economy figure in the real world, but for low mileage shop and school run duties, it’s perfectly adequate.

With 100PS or 125PS on tap, there’s a bit of choice available too.

Ford offers the 999cc in two flavours – the entry-level 100PS version, which gets to 62mph in 13.6 seconds and tops out at 107mph, or the punchier 125PS variant which translates those numbers to 12.2s and 115mph.

Whichever you choose, you’ll probably be pleased with the breadth of torque. They both idle quietly yet will offer meaningful urge from less than 1500rpm through to nearly 6,000rpm without the sort of lag and lunge that small capacity turbocharged engines often display.

Ride comfort remains very good but initial turn-in is improved markedly and body control is leagues better than the diesel models.

Couple that with good steering and decent grip levels and you have a vehicle that after an initially unpromising start, emerges as something you’d actually drive the long way home on the school run.

The design of the C-MAX is pure templated modern Ford and that’s no bad thing.

This is an interesting car and one that Ford should be applauded for bringing to market.

Your initial reaction will probably be that slotting a tiny engine into a big car has bad idea written all over it, but such is the gutsiness of the turbocharged 999cc engine that it’s certainly up to the job.