MOTORISTS: Access must be retained

Spalding's Georgian Court ANL-150917-113650001
Spalding's Georgian Court ANL-150917-113650001
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Although parking is allowed in Chancery Court, drivers are now beginning to park in the entrance of Georgian Court.

This is the only access to 72 flats and presents a big problem to those residents who still drive and use this as their only way of getting to and from their home.

Would you like a driver to park across the front of the entrance to your home?

When the gate is blocked, drivers exiting Georgian Court have to pull well into Chancery Court to see if the road is clear, before exiting on to Haverfield Road.

Many a time, a resident or visitor has had a near-miss with vehicles coming up Chancery Court, sometimes at speed.

As is known, some of our residents are quite elderly and their reactions might be a bit slower than some.

This could be the cause of a bad accident as there is nowhere else to go but reverse back through the gate.

With so many elderly residents, I would ask motorists parking in the area to remember that access to Georgian Court should be maintained at all times in case of an emergency.

This might be an ambulance for a resident who is ill and requires transport to hospital, or the fire brigade.

Both of these type of vehicles need a clear access and departure, but with motorists continually blocking the entrance, ambulances could potentially be prevented from helping someone.

Fire crews would be able to move any offending vehicle to gain access, but they would still be severely delayed if they had to take such an action.

Cars are being logged and notes left on windscreens to politely ask people not to block the entrance.

This includes the green Peugeot, whose occupant had their lunch while parked in front of the gate and then threw their wrappers under the car before driving off.

I apologise for having to write this letter, but if the council will not paint double yellow lines in the entrance of Georgian Court, I am left with little option.

My fear is that some inconsiderate driver may be the cause of either a death or injury to a resident of Georgian Court.