More problems for parish office

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MORE damage has been uncovered at the deteriorating Coubro Chambers in Holbeach.

Members of Holbeach Parish Council were told in their December meeting a hole has been found in the flat roof and a section of guttering also came down in high winds.

Its the latest in a long list of problems for the council office on West End, which is in need of a long-term repair programme.

Coun Esmond Tearle, recently-appointed chairman of properties, said: “Luckily, that section of guttering fell onto the flat roof. It could have come down on the path at the side of the building, and it could have killed someone.

“We need to get this huge problem sorted out now.”

Coun Tearle said work was ongoing into what grants and loans may be available to cover some of the work.

However, he also warned the parish council must spend money on putting things right, as the building is now “no more than a liability”.

He added: “Those savings in the past made by cutting corners are now coming back to haunt us.

“I’m telling you this as the figures for properties in the next precept need to be realistic. Some of you may be shocked.”

The extent of the damage to the building was revealed in September after a surveyor was instructed to take a closer look at the building.

Councillors were told it could take a substantial amount of money to fix the problems, which include damp, leaking guttering, rotting fascia boards, damaged roof tiles and evidence of structural movement.