More lights for Spalding this Christmas

Archive picture of Spalding's Christmas fair last year.
Archive picture of Spalding's Christmas fair last year.
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Spalding’s Christmas lights are likely to be extended to Hole in the Wall Passage this year.

Spalding Town Forum chairman Coun George Aley told members he couldn’t give exact figures but quotes had come in that suggested that all of the lights members wanted – the same areas as last year – could be achieved within the £7,400 budget.

He said it might be possible to squeeze the extra lights for Hole in the Wall Passage within that budget but, if not, they could be provided if town members were willing to donate £100-£150 from their ward budgets.

“I doubt if we will need that,” Coun Aley said. “I have erred on the highest side possible, in other words the worst scenario.”

Coun Roger Gambba-Jones said it wasn’t so long ago that the forum was paying £19,000 for a few strings of lights in Hall Place and Market Place.

He said the Chamber of Commerce, who had recently organised the lights, had come in for some stick but it was the Chamber that had made the lights what they are now.

“If they hadn’t cracked it, we would still be sitting there with half a dozen strings of coloured lights in Hall Place and Market Place.”

Coun Pete Williams said maintenance with LEDs is so much less.

He said: “If they are taken down nicely and put back nicely, there shouldn’t be any maintenance at all.”

Coun Angela Newton asked members to consider extending the lights in future if they are getting a really good deal.