Moggy Maggie uses two lives

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FOR Maggie the black cat it appears as though bad luck is her middle name after falling through a ceiling and getting trapped behind a boiler all in the same day.

Maggie, the stray black moggie, was first found after falling through a ceiling at the Broad Street Business Centre in Spalding.

Staff at the centre reported it to their letting agent, Harry Drury, of We’ll Let Your House Ltd, who took Maggie home with him as it was getting late.

He planned to take her to the vets in the morning.

Little did he know, Maggie had other plans...

The next morning Maggie ran straight out of the utility room, where she had slept the previous night, and into another room where she found herself stuck behind a boiler.

It appeared that Maggie’s latest spate of bad luck was not over yet.

After many attempts by Mr Drury and his family to coax her out they eventually called the RSPCA.

However the RSPCA was no more successful than Mr Drury in luring Maggie out and there was even talk of having to remove the boiler to get her out.

Eventually Maggie did come out of her own accord after some further coaxing from another family member and she was then taken to the local vet for a check up and after receiving the all clear she was placed in the care of the RSPCA Lincolnshire East Branch.

Cherrie Bartlett, the branch’s re-homing coordinator, said: “Poor Maggie really has been through the mill and it seems like she has had a string of mishaps and bad luck, and we had always been told that black cats are meant to be lucky.

“However we really hope that her bad luck can change and now we are trying to find her a loving new home where she can live mishap free!

“She is such a lovely little cat, but a little nervous. She would benefit from being in a quiet house with an owner who has the patience to coax her out of her shell.”

“But she is exceptionally pretty and very sweet and we just hope through this appeal we can find her a loving new home. We have so many cats in our care at the moment, it would be great to find Maggie and the others fantastic new homes.”

If you want to re-home a cat, call 01205 319059.