MOBILE PHONES: Do you all have something against me?

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Just thought I’d like your readers know, I doubt if they’ll be interested anyway, about my last few weeks locally. I’ve been run over by a shopping trolley, woman on her mobile.

While shopping, man on mobile asking if he should get single or double cream. There was me trying to buy one of today’s main essentials, wine.Being barged into by a women, no apologies, while on her mobile. While out for a meal, three girls, on their mobiles, all the time we were there.

Car nearly ran into me, the driver was on his mobile while driving off, in a car park.

At the cinema, same person’s mobile kept going off during the film. While attending a funeral , mobile going off three times, same person.

Do you mobile phone users have something against me?

Please, to all mobile phone users out there, do have a little respect for those around you, not everyone wants to hear your conversation, plus I want to arrive home intact.

DJ Barfoot

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